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  1. So i have an app called Cloud Outliner and I created an outline on it about a week ago, and it syncs to Evernote. Yay! So I opened evernote on my PC desktop app and added a bunch of stuff to the outline. I then clicked sync and it synced the old version of my outline before I had added all of the revisions today! Now I've lost all my ideas that I added today. Is there any way to retrieve that version with all my revisions that I just added... right before I did the sync?
  2. I can't find this "Ganesa" app Is there an alternative?
  3. This is also driving me crazy! Why have the option to "Customize Toolbar" if it's only for an hour or two and then I come back to use it later and it's back to what it was. I'm assuming this is a bug and not the intentional design. I don't need the trunk... too much junk in the trunk! let me customize the way I want, and keep it that way! -running Windows 7
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