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  1. Well, that's embarrassing ;) I don't recall seeing or changing that that one before, but maybe I did. I unchecked that box and it's working fine now. Thanks,
  2. When I email documents to Evernote, they are no longer going into the "Default Notebook". They consistently go into the same notebook so I can find them. But it is not the one flagged "Default". I am using the web version of Evernote on a Chromebox. I have tried changing the notebook flagged "Default" to another, then changing it back. This doesn't help.
  3. It is the web platform. I do have a shortcut to the login web page. I click on it and I keep getting taken to a signup for a new account page. I'm guessing there is some sort of cookie set and I end up going back through history to get back in.
  4. If I walk away from my computer too long, I come back to find a message telling me I've been logged out. This is fine, I expect this, but it gives me no way to log back in...Just ways to sign up for a new account. I generally spend several minutes trying to get back to a login page/prompt.
  5. I was just watching a webinar on paperless office from DottoTech. He claims Neat is getting out of the hardware business and will no longer be making & selling scanners. I suspect this means we may not see much more in the way of updates. On the other hand, while I haven't had a chance to try it yet. it seems the more recent versions of the Fujitsu ix500 will work without being connected directly to a computer. They say it will send directly to several cloud services including Evernote. It sounds like you do have to have an app on your iPhone or Android device for control & setup. I get the impression it will then communicate through Fujitsu's cloud service to connect to your cloud accounts. I probably won't get one right away as I paid $400 for my Neatconnect and it's working fine at the moment.
  6. I just received a firmware update for my scanner. I I'm not where my scanner is at the moment, but I so I don't know the version. I After updating, I was able to send 2 documents in a row to Evernote. I'll exercise it more tomorrow and see if it stays going. I Not that I'm paranoid or anything ;-)
  7. I've heard good things about the SnapScan, but it won't work with my computer. That's why I went with the NeatConnect to begin with.
  8. According to a NeatConnectt Status page I found. http://www.neat.com/support/neat-scanner/neatconnect/neatconnect-status/ This last update supposedly fixes a similar problem with OneDrive as a destination. They say they're still working on Dropbox & Evernote issues. I'm getting real tired of this. I got this for 2 main reasons: I use a Chromebox and I needed a scanner that didn't need to be connected directly to a computer & I wanted to send documents to Evernote. The other abilities are nice asides but weren't what I bought the scanner for.
  9. I haven't tried to much with the latest firmware, but with the previous firmware, it would sometimes work. I've kind of given up until I hear it's actually working, though.
  10. I got this email as well. The update was finally available to me over this past weekend. I updated the firmware and had no change. I am still, mostly, unable to send scans directly to Evernote.
  11. What I've noticed recently is that my scanners ability to send documents to Evernote comes and goes.
  12. Your problem sounds a little more serious than mine. If it has begun rebooting in response to attempting to add an account, I would talk to Neat support. I had a couple of accounts stop working, all are working now, and when I attempted deleting and re-adding the accounts I couldn't send to, it just didn't complete the adding account procedure. It didn't re-boot on me.
  13. I just checked. I am still able to send to Evernote from my NeatConnect scanner. I do have 2-factor authentication set up. Evernote and everywhere else.
  14. I just heard back from Neat. They do have a page with the current status, but no place for discussion. http://www.neat.com/support/neat-scanner/neatconnect/neatconnect-status/ It appears Evernote, Dropbox, and OneDrive are where they're having issues. I don't use OneDrive. Considering that my Evernote issue seems to have gone away without a firmware update, I'm beginning to think that maybe something changed on the services Neat connects to. It could be a software upgrade to the underlying server and all the affected services are using the same server OS and got some sort of upgrade at about the same time causing headaches for everyone. With everything interconnected it can be hard to track down.
  15. OK. I don't know what's going on. My scanner just let me add my Evernote account and even sent a document to my Evernote account. The past couple of weeks it wouldn't complete adding my Evernote account to my scanner. I still can't add Dropbox. It won't finish the add account process. I put in the email and password and nothing. No error messages telling my password was wrong or anything. It appears I may owe Neat an apology. I'm still confused by what's been going on.
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