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  1. I am another frustrated bullet user and as much as I love Evernote, I will look at other products to see how they handle bulleting. Bullet issue #1 The most frustrating issue is the inconsistent behavior of bullets in Evernote. I just spent an hour taking bulleted notes with a good bit of indenting and when I was through, I saved the note and then went back into the note to review. All the indentation disappeared and I was left with a long list on root level bullets. To make matters worse, I fixed the indentation, saved it and rechecked the note and all the indentation disappeared again. It pretty much makes the organization of the note useless. Bullet Issue #2 Later in the day, I attempted to reformat another note full of bullets and ran across the issue where the bullets disappeared when I attempted to changed the indentation of a block of bullets. No matter what I do, I cannot get the bullets to reappear. Bullet Issue #3 Will the number outline feature ever give us the option of choosing different outline options. Currently, the use of numbers for every level is really ugly and honestly, I don't ever think I have seen an outline that uses that format. This is what it looks like now... Stuff Stuff Stuff Stuff Stuff Stuff Can we get 1. Stuff a. Stuff b. Stuff i) Stuff ii) Stuff 2. Stuff Thanks
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