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  1. That is really bad - I just did a test and you're right, deleting from Evernote deletes from Penultimate. That should be controllable. Thanks. Wouldn't that create a duplicate note though, as Penultimate would still be syncing the note to Evernote anyway?
  2. Using the new Penultimate on iPad and trying and the sync functionality. It works well but one problem I've encountered is that all notes synced to Evernote appear there as read-only. This means I can't move the note to a different notebook in Evernote. Because currently Penultimate only lets you sync all notes to a single Notebook in Evernote, this means all my Penultimate notes, including work and personal, all end up in one Notebook. So I then want to move the work-related notes to my "Work" notebook in Evernote, etc etc. I'm not sure why the notes are marked as read only and I can't find a way to undo this. I think maybe they are read-only to preserve the syncing ability - otherwise if you moved the note maybe Penultimate would lose track of it, but there must be a way for the two apps to track a note across notebooks. I guess I'm requesting two features then: 1. Allow synced notes to be editable and / or movable to different notebooks 2. Allow per-notebook syncing of Penultimate notebooks instead of all notes syncing to a single Evernote notebook
  3. You're still limited to a single 'from' address though. Makes it very hard for me to use Evernote both for work and personal use.
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