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  1. Thanks David. Can you scan photos with that. I see a lot of talk about documents but not photos. I have a flatbed scanner for super high res (Epson) but it's not practical to digitize 40 years worth of photos.
  2. http://www.costco.ca...32074%252b12144 Which should I get? Is there a significant compromise here for the portability of the S1100? Need to digitize thousands of photo prints. If I invest in the heavy hitter eg. the 1500, can I still load photos into that in addition to blasting through reams of papers? Help!
  3. Yes, I wasn't planning to upload all my pics to Evernote, just certain ones for specific projects I am working on where I am collecting certain images for a project and I can organize them there in folders until I need to proceed with the project. I am thinking of getting the Fujitsu ScanSnap™ S1100 Deluxe Colour Scanner and wondering if that's better for photos than say, the Fujitsu Scansnap S1300i Duplex Colour Scanner ... which should I get is the question.
  4. What is the best scanner to digitize 10,000 photos? Want to upload some to Evernote as well. Does anyone use Evernote to back up photos in conjunction with another photo app?
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