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  1. Absolutely, it was very useful! How could they miss it? don't they use Evernote on their phones? 😆
  2. You can use symbols as you do not only for ordering notes, I do it to organise tags. "." for project names tags, "@" for person tags, "!" for subject tags, "-" for places tags. Given that I use symbols for other purposes, when using alphabetical sorting I like using a cero + hyphen, "0 -", but it does not work if you want to order by dates. This allows you to have 2 (or more) alphabetic sorted lists in one.
  3. hmmm... As I see it, shortcuts (links) take you to a note that may be anywhere in a long list of notes where such note would be difficult or tedious to look for. You click your shortcut and there you are! However, pinning a note makes it stay always on top of your list whatever order you have set, you do not need to call for it. It is like a shortcut 2.0. Of course, they are compatible, but not the same.
  4. YES! ME TOO!! it could be a TOC or simply a note that provides relevant information regarding that notebook, or maybe a guide for the use of that notebook (when shared), etc, etc. A reminder is for tasks, also a shortcut does not cut it :))). This is not what shortcuts are for (in fact, the pinning feature is useful precisely to avoid having to use shortcuts or links, which by the way are very useful for other notes).
  5. OK, I do like and use evernote. I pay for the premium version and I will keep using it. However, I really wished they always let us keep the old interfaces, I really dislike this flat design that oversimplify things, but even worse, this trend of making the text loose contrast is making me mad, it is getting harder and harder to read the screen. And yes, I might be getting older (we all do if we are lucky!) but it is no excuse.
  6. Yeah, I really really dislike the new web interface. They are overdoing this flat design, colors have no contrast and it is getting more and more unconfortable to read. Please, stop!! In the old days I was always eager to get the new things, lately I fear the changes because I always find myself going back to the old version. Why change what works well?? And please, if you do something new, at least let us keep what we had and paid for. Cheers
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