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  1. That's also a good idea. I've found that my handwriting doesn't translate well with OCR into text in Evernote so I try to type where I can.
  2. Thanks for the quick replies all. In my transition gap between going from the normal paper route to fully paperless, this is how I did it. Now that I'm totally in Evernote (or, as much as possible), I was curious if there is a way to do everything in the app. I think I might fall back on the method you described and see how that goes.
  3. This is my only snag on going fully paperless. I read a lot of papers for grad school and I keep them all in Evernote. In many of my classes, we have in-class discussions on some papers. Before Evernote, I would keep a copy of the paper open on my laptop and then take notes in my notebook. Though I do have a scanner, I'd like to start taking notes directly in Evernote. However, I've not found a good way to do this yet. Right now, what I do is create a new note with the paper as an attachment. I leave some empty lines at the top of the note for note taking. When discussions reference the paper, I have to scroll or search for the section to look at, then scroll back up to the top to continue taking notes. This is a huge workflow disruption and I often end up not getting the notes I want or skipping the references and just waiting for discussion to resume. Is there a good way to accomplish what I'd like to do?
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