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  1. Hi, I think scannable is a great app. However it has started to crash on me everytime I use it. I've deleted and reinstalled. Deleted, restarted my iphone, reinstalled. Etc. What can I do? Thanks! Steven
  2. Hi, I frequently keep many notes open in separate windows in the desktop client of Evernote. Sometimes I have to quit the app for various reasons. I’d like the notes that I have open in separate windows to preserve their state (open in separate windows) when I reopen the app (Evernote desktop client). Is there a way that I can do that? Otherwise I find myself going through all sorts of stuff to tag each window as I close etc. Thanks for your help! All the best, Steven
  3. Hi. I've been having the same crashing problem on both my iPad and iPhone. I have uninstalled and re-installed several times on both devices. I got the iPad working for a while the. Then it began crashing again. Are others experiencing this as well and is there a fix for this. BTW I've also restarted both devices several times. Thanks! Steven
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