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  1. Thanks for the good discussion, all. I just want to add my vague 2pence-worth... Basically, I'm using EN less since the v5 updates, on all my devices. I find the new note and notebook navigation confusing and difficult. Tasks like moving a note from one book to another are much harder or require more steps now. Adding a new notebook to a stack is confusing - when I attempted this today, my new notebook was added at the root level and not the stack I'd selected. Perhaps EN are trying to guide me towards a more tag-based search and retrieval paradigm, or to simply use search more. I can understand how this might be a reasonable strategy, but I spent a long time deriving my current notebook structure. The structure helps me find my information very quickly. The new tools provided which, in theory, should have sped up my retrieval, have actually slowed it down to the point of frustration. I apologise I've not described my frustrations in as much detail as others' ... but if I did, I'd mostly be echoing what's already been said.
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