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  1. Thanks for sharing! I didn´t know that the format had public documentation. That´s good to know! I did know about the export functionaility. I use the Windows, web and Android versions. Ideally I would like to run an export periodically and have a backup of the export. Having the backup in enex-format as well would of course be a plus. It would handle a "half disaster" scenario where my accounts data are lost but Evernote still exists. It's helpful if you mention the client(s) you're using. I don't know why people feel the need to create a non-proprietary backup, as long as you know you can. The Windows desktop client will run even if the Evernote service is down. Of course, you can't sync. But if the EN service were to fall off the face of the Earth tomorrow, if your Windows client has been synced recently, you can then use it to export your notes to HTML at that time. I think you can do this with the Mac client, too, but can't say for sure. IMO, a more reliable backup is to have either a Mac or Windows client that is synced regularly & backed up regularly. (Please search the board on backups, if you need more info.) As I knew that periodic automatic export was not included in any Evernote client I skipped it. But I wrote above in this answer what I am using. Your solution (a synced client, which I backup the data from) seems to be good enough. If any solution which works the way I want exists I´m still interested in that. Thanks to both (or all three) of you for the help! I´m still interested in something closer to what I had in mind. Anyone?
  2. Hi! I enjoy Evernote, but can t help but feeling that I should have a local backup of my notes in a non proprietary format to feel comfortable being entierly dependent on it. I do want to take that step, which is why I created this topic. Which ways does exist today to automatically export all my notes (and preferably Notebooks) into ODF or HTML? All ways are of interest! Both local solutions and cloud based solutions which performs the export into Dropbox, Box, Google Drive etc. Does my account type matter? I'm a software developer. Is it technically possible to create this myself? Is it allowed under the EULA?
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