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  1. Ugh! You're almost right. This sync fiasco has used over 500 Mb of my 1Gb monthly allowance. (And this is from a guy who probably rarely exceeds 30 Mb/month and never feels the need to check.) This is extremely disappointing. The Syncing disease has now spread to my iPad 4! Ugh again! It was syncing for 20 minutes this morning. Pencil and Moleskines are starting to look really good.
  2. Man... 2 HOURS LATER and Evernote (iPhone 4S, ver 5.2.3) WAS STILL SYNCING! Tried closing app, rebooting phone, relaunching -- STILL SYNCING. APP DELETED FROM MY IPHONE 4S.
  3. Premium subscriber here & I thought I'd snap a set of pictures to Evernote this evening with my iPhone 4S (EverNote ver 5.2.3). Boy what a mistake that was! Sync continued for hours, chewed my battery like crazy, and prompted me to come here and ask "what's up?" Seriously, Evernote, between this and the jagged scrolling (even on my iPad 4!) you are making me regret paying for my year of premium. You guys need to get back to basics in a hurry, because I'm already wondering about other services. You've got plenty of "partners" and "accessorie." -- Please forget the Moleskines and make your software sync WORK seamlessly.
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