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  1. After doing some more reading I think I understand, which, in part, was my not knowing exactly how it worked with my other programs as far as editing. So please let me know if this is incorrect.....I can not save a pdf or ppt in evernote and change the actual format unless I open it in preview for pdf or keynote for ppt. I make my changes and then save it back to evernote. I was thinking I could just click in evernote and make the changes right inside the note. Also, I've read many people just use Dropbox to do all the editing and then save the final document in Evernote. I opened my ppt lecture and saved it as a pdf and then copied that into evernote, I changed it to show as an attachment but when I opened the note to make changes it wouldn't open in preview for some reason, so I guess I'll just keep playing around with that. My next question is......do I need to save all the pdf's inline, or can I save the pdf's as an attachment and they still be searchable? Same with powerpoints, do I have to copy each slide into the note for it to be searchabe, or will it search the ppt in attachment form?
  2. I was on my Macbook Pro and when I drug it to the note it just showed up as an attachment. I opened the powerpoint in Keynote and was able to drag each slide over to the note so I could see them in the note itself, but it wouldn't allow me to make changes in the note.
  3. I'm fairly new to Evernote and have watched several videos, but my question is......I'm using it for college and my professor posts the lectures (powerpoints) on the school board. I was wanting to download the powerpoints into Evernote in the actual body of the note, not as an attachment, and make changes in the actual note that I copied. How do I go about doing this? Do I have to be a premium user? I watched the video where you open the powerpoint, which I have Keynote, and save it in downloads and then just drag it into Evernote, but when I do that it just shows up as an attachment, which I can then double-click and open and make changes, but I want to be able to see the actual powerpoint in the note and make changes in there. It seems like anytime I try saving it it just saves as an attachment. Please help! Thank you!
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