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  1. I've gone as paperless as possible my second go-round in college. Started off with using just Zoho Docs and Google Docs, but in the last 18 months added in Evernote and dumped Zoho (my school now uses Google Apps so I don't need it). I type all my notes and in the rare instance I write any notes, I then transcribe those. I would scan them but my handwriting is terrible and I find entering the information in a 2nd times helps to reinforce what I wrote down. All my notes are contained in Google Docs and Evernote, with all research ideas, papers, links, etc. being wholly contained in class-specific notebooks in Evernote. I can't fully switch to one system since GDocs is too cumbersome to make quick notes in and Evernote is certainly not suited to typing papers in. I've still got a ton of old papers I need to scan and file away, so I'll definitely be making use of Evernote's OCR capabilities for that. This process has been made demonstrably easier this time around since most of my professors are emailing us our syllabi and assignments rather than handing them out in class and I'm utilizing ebooks as much as possible.
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