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  1. Another example is I have a OneNote Notebook titled "Reports". Within the notebook are "sections" listed on tabs at the top with the name of each report. Down the right side are tabs "pages" with dates for each report. Evernote seems to be be set up to create one one notebook entitled reports in which you dump 15 different reports with up to 52 different pages. You can't really scroll down to the report you want to see.
  2. I am revisiting using Evernote due to my testing of an online GTD application's (IQTEL) integration with EN. I have previously relied on OneNote. For the life of me I am missing the inclusion of sections within the structure of Notebook / Section / Pages. I would use this to set up items like Projects / Name / Individual items. Does anyone else who converted over from ON struggle with the lack of this level of organization?
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