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  1. Thanks for your question / suggestion. When forwarding emails to my Evernote address, the problem does not occur, i.e. in that case the attachments are recognised and open properly in OfficeSuite. I can use that as a work-around, but it would still be great if the issue could be fixed.
  2. Hi. I'm using the Evernote Outlook 2010 add-in to "add" emails to my Evernote account, often those emails have attachments such as word documents or excel spreadsheets. When I then view those notes on my android tablet, if I tap on the attachment then OfficeSuite pro opens, but can't recognise the attachment in some way so the document doesn't open. If from Evernote I save the document, I can then use OfficeSuite to browse to it and open it with no trouble. Documents that I manually add to my notes I can tap on and the attachments open directly from Evernote. The "direct opening" is really handy, is this something that could be fixed for the Outlook-originated notes too please? Thanks, Nick Sturge
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