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  1. Thanks for the Clarification. The screen cap has an image of a menu with an item that says "Stop Sharing". That item is grayed out, and that means that the notebooks is not shared. Ditto for the item that says "Sharing Properties...". Is that what you're after? Thanks for the clarification, I understand what you are saying but as an end user I read it as (even though it is grayed out) it was being shared out becuase it says "Stop Sharing"....
  2. Let me step back, I am in a notebook, that I have confirmed that is not being shared and I am concerned because it appears to be shared out....(Attached file)? I assumed that I inadvertently shared something out which I should not have, awhile back... What I am looking to to do is audit/vailidate what is actaully being shared out... I also tried the "sharedate:*" option and it does not provide any items. I have shared out a couple of notebooks to individuals and I have created a public link for testing and again neither are showing up... For testing I have went to : Notebook properties Clicked on Sharing and Collabration Options Copied the Public link URL Clicked on: Delete Public link Tried opening the public link in a browswer - Did not work as expected. Click on Share with Individuals - Not Shared to anyone. it still appears to be shared out... (Attached file)? What am I missing?
  3. I am looking for a way to find all of MY publicly shared notebooks? I don't see any advanced search options in the article listed below. http://evernote.com/contact/support/kb/#!/article/23245321
  4. @evernote, I partially understand your position on not wanting to officially provide a GA date for the reminders enhancement for the Windows Client because you foresee or more likely have an issue in your windows code that will take some time to resolve. We your customers are not looking to hold you to the Estimated date (Yes Estimate). Since everyone on this posting is using the Windows Evernote client and waiting patiently for this particular enhancement, all we are just looking for is you to say "yes we are" or "are not" going to provide this enhancement. Including that your best estimate (again yes an estimate) will be moving to GA in x number of months... Also feel free to say to the affect of your ETA can change at anytime...But we are not looking for a response of ETA sometime in 2014, something more or less a realistic date. If you are upfront with us in your Press Releases we your Customers will be understanding, we know that you will provide the best product and the best user experience possible, this is the main reason why we are using your product - it is hands down the best on the market. Dedicate Customer,
  5. @evernote, understand you don't generally give out ETA's. Not looking for an exact date, how about based off our currect schedule the update is projected to be released in x number of weeks?
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