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  1. Well, they have spent all of their time since the release of V10 adding useless ***** like tasks (which will never live up to the functionality of an actual established task manager) and not repairing basic functionality like copy/paste of images - so I wont hold my breath for major improvements.
  2. This issue has been present since Oct/Nov of last year. How long do you expect people to wait to have such a basic function restored? I too have documents with multiple images that I need to be able to move between programs. Yes, dragging to desktop is an option, but seriously - that only works if you have a few images. My entire desktop is full of images now which I then have to go and delete, which is yet another waste of my time. Thankfully apple notes is a far more functional entity and I am slowly transferring everything across. Evernote has had its chance. It blew it. And I say that as a paying customer of almost a decade.
  3. Same issue since the latests update on mac. Just when you think it couldn't get any worse, somehow they manage to break something else.
  4. Yeah its ridiculous. Its really basic functionality. Takes twice as long to do things this way and my desktop is just cluttered with loads of screen shots. Rubbish experience for an appp that should help you improve productivity. Hopefully they reverse this idiotic decision before my renewal comes up. Sometimes I wonder if anyone that works at EN actually uses their own product.....or maybe they do and thats why it takes so darn long to get anything sorted
  5. So I have played around with Apple notes today - Its actually easy to import in from EN and seems to work pretty well for me. Just a heads up to apple users that it is a viable alternative. No tagging feature if thats something you require though, and I dont see a web clipper, but thats no something I have ever used.
  6. We have always been able to copy/paste entire notes, figures included into other programs like office. Who on earth thought it would be a good idea to remove such basic functionality. Bring it back please. It has completely disrupted work flow many of us.
  7. What do they mean by this exactly - Its hardly a feature. I mean its a pretty basic computing function to be able to copy and paste something. I like evernote, and would rather not change to something else as I feel it is the best available - but this is ridiculous and has completely broken my workflow. It now takes much longer to get things done - utter nonsensical for them to state that they are considering adding it as a 'feature'.
  8. The major issue for me is that they have released something that is almost unusable and riddled with bugs. I can no longer switch between notebooks without errors, half the time I open it the notebooks are empty, and they have removed the basic functionality of being able to drag/copy images - which I somewhat expect (and hope) is a bug. Thats not acceptable for a product that people are paying money for. It should have been rolled back by the company. Its been a long time now and issues that affect the basic stability and functionality of the app still have not been repaired.
  9. So do you know if they keep backups at evernote? Because my stomach hit the floor today when notebooks started opening and were empty, and then I just couldn't access them later. I would definitely agree this product is not ready for general use. It simply shouldn't have been released yet. One things that has made me a loyal customer over the years has been reliability - but now this has definitely changed. I'm going to try the legacy version for now I guess, but realistically when you are paying for a product you dont expect to have to be trying to fix issues caused by the company.
  10. Im having the exact same problem on a mac in the desktop version. Im really starting to worry now that my data is not safe with evernote. All of my medical school notes are in there. I have an exam right after the holidays and I'm now having trouble accessing them. I have never ever had an issue like this on evernote before - which was the main reason I stayed with this platform. It might be that I now just need to move to apple notes or even just to MS Office for peace of mind
  11. I make all of my medical school notes in Evernote and then copy paste certain bits into anki to make revision flashcards. Now I cant copy the images - they just show as broken images links when pasted into anki. This last update has really tested me - from empty notes everynow and again and other issues, but this might be the final straw as it has broken my whole workflow pattern. Has anyone else noticed this? Is it a setting somewhere I can change?
  12. Im having the same problem - it all looks fine on screen - no oversized images; but when I print to PDF the images are huge - taking up multiple pages. Also, the note titles dont print. I tried on the windows pc at work and this problem does not occur.....just happens on my mac. Has anyone solved this issue? Having just converted to evernote, i now think I will have to move again if this isnt fixed as I need to keep backups of my notes in pdf!
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