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  1. How do you make a temporary backup copy of the note through the web browser?
  2. I can't seem to find a setting in the widget to display a saved search. Can you please point me in the right direction? Thanks.
  3. Is there a way to make the EN widget on Android display a specific Note? Currently, it displays all of my Notes and I can scroll through to a specific Note, though I'd like it to display just a single Note at full size of the widget. Thanks.
  4. I created a new Prior Projects Stack and moved Notebooks from my other Stacks into it. I would like to make a new Notebook inside of this Stack for each of my prior projects that would contain all of the Notebooks from the previous Stacks. Can you not have Notebooks inside of Notebooks either? Thanks.
  5. I have several Stacks for previous projects that I am no longer working on and I would like to create a new Stack and drag all of those other stacks inside of it, however, I am unable to do this. Is there some other way to achieve what I am trying to accomplish? Thanks.
  6. The more recent interface of the desktop application for Mac seems very confusing to me. 1.) I simply want to be able to drag tags from the tag window to a Note, however, when I click on the Tags button on the left-hand column, they open into a new window and then I try to open a Note by clicking on the Notes button and that closes the Tags window. How can I accomplish what I'm trying to achieve? 2.) I also want to rearrange my Notes between different Notebooks, though I can either have the Notes button selected and it shows me my Notes, or I can have my Notebooks showing, though I can't seem to get them both showing at the same time so I can drag and drop back and forth. How do I do this? Thanks in advance.
  7. 1. Adding it to the Home Screen only seems to add a shortcut/icon to my Home Screen that I can click on to open the Note. I'd like the Note to display already open on a Home Screen. Is that possible? 2. The widget that is available through the Evernote app also only seems to add a small shortcut/icon to my Home Screen. Am I missing something? Thanks.
  8. Is there a way to make a Note, possibly a checklist, and have it display as a widget on one of the home screens of my Android phone? Thanks.
  9. Is there some feature that will notify me when a change is made to a Note or Notebook? If so, where is the option? Thanks.
  10. Thanks, that is too bad, I do not like how my name displays in shared email notes.
  11. Where is the location to change how my name is displayed in their email when I share a note with someone via email? I can not find this option in the Mac app or via the web. Thanks.
  12. I read advice on these forums that it is not recommended to use Evernote to co-edit documents for various reasons, and it might be better to use Google Docs for this purpose. 1. If Evernote is not good for co-editing, can anyone give me some examples of what the collaborative features gained by going Premium are best used for? Thanks.
  13. Is there a way to enable the Android app to read text from a Note? Thanks.
  14. I want to store the .PDF files in a Note and be able to post the link to the Note on a webpage or blog so people can go to it and download the .PDF files. I also might want to post individual links to each .PDF file stored in EN on a blog or webpage so people can download the files directly from a webpage without going to the Note. Thank you.
  15. I want to share about 12 .PDF files through a Note in EN. I have the storage space in Evernote and in Dropbox so I could place them in EN or in Dropbox and just link to them in EN. Are there any pros/cons with sharing files directly from EN? Thanks.
  16. 1. When sending a Note to someone else, is there a sent messages folder? 2. When sending a Note to someone else, there is a CC option. Where will the CC message be stored? Thanks.
  17. 1.) after doing a search in a web browser, I click the little "X" next to the search button hoping to erase the text in the search field and stop filtering my results, though it will not remove the text in the field. How do you do this and go back to not filtering search results? 2.) I did a search for "the" and it brought up lots of notes. The word "the" is highlighted in yellow in some of the notes, though in other notes that show up listed under All Notes, the word "the" does not appear. Why is it even displaying these notes if my search criteria is not contained in them? Thanks.
  18. Is there no discount for teachers/students for the Premium version? Thanks.
  19. I went to the teacher site, and there is a link for Premium, though when I click on it just takes me to the standard Premium sign up page. What is the discount for educators for the Premium account? Thanks.
  20. Is there a way to add an Elephant clip icon to a blog so someone can add a post to his/her Evernote account? Thanks.
  21. After sharing a note or notebook with someone, is there a way to take that access away from that person?
  22. I am just starting with Evernote and I absolutely LOVE it!!!! I want to start using it for lots and lots of stuff, and I want to start recommending it to EVERYONE I know, though I am still new to the whole idea of depending on the cloud regardless if it is Dropbox, Evernote, Google Drive, etc. 1. How reliable has Evernote been since launch? Has there been any issue with loss of data? 2. Are there any numbers out there that show uptime, how data is backed up, etc.? How redundant the servers are that the data is backed up to? Thanks in advance.
  23. I'm just getting started with Evernote, and I have a bunch of notebooks contained in a Notebook Stack and I have one notebook that I made that did not appear within the Notebook Stack. I see I can drag the notebook into the stack, however, is a Notebook Stack just a grouping of notebooks? Are there any advantages to having all notebooks in a single stack?
  24. 1. Does Everynote also synch automatically every so often or do you need to manually push the synch button? 2. Are any special programs needed to open the .enex or .mht files after they are exported? Thank you for your responses.
  25. 1) Does Evernote on a Mac automatically save after entering text into a note, or after a period of time, OR do you have to go to file>save to save text or images added to a note? 2) Is there an easy way to export everything from an account into a folder on my computer if at some in the future I want a complete backup of everything my account?
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