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  1. 1. By "password-protected file" do you mean to use your computer OS to password protect a file that you attach to an Evernote note?
  2. 1. If you put keywords into the titles of a note, is there any advantage to also using the same keywords as tags? Evernote will find a note whether the title has the word "list" in it or a tag of "list" right (list is just an example in this case)? 2. I'm not clear on what you meant by "- use one tag for a general subject, and others for more specific topics, then use a combination of tags to find your required information." If I have a notebook called "Work Projects" and separate notes within this notebook, of "Website Project" "Video Project" "Committee Work" "Grant Research" How might you suggest I use tagging? Thanks!
  3. 1. Is the idea to add enough tags so you never have to go through your list of notebooks and notes on the lefthand side, and you can instead just use the search field at the top? 2. Why would you add keywords to a notebook? Wouldn't you just add them to the notes within the notebooks? Thanks in advance.
  4. 1. If students post essays or graphics to a note or notebook and share it with a whole class, do all of the other students need Premium accounts to be able to comment and provide feedback to the students? 2. As a teacher, am I the only one who needs a premium account if I want students to share just with me their notebooks so I can give them feedback?
  5. Is there a way to password protect a notebook or notes so if you post a link somewhere to content it can be protected? Thanks.
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