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  1. Oop. Problem solved. Should have tried the whole "when in doubt, restart your computer" troubleshooting step I always tell my in-laws to do. My helpful colleague suggested, "Restart your computer and try again. It could still be in use from the horked uninstaller". That did it. Scott
  2. I think I figured out the source of this problem, or at least have a lead to go on. The de-install of the old version seems to have left an orphan folder... Program Files(x86)...Evernote...Evernote...Intl. This folder doesn't have an owner (hence the admin permissions error) and I can't do anything with it (delete, rename, change ownership, etc). I tried deleting the folder from a command prompt, too. Nothing works. Help! Scott
  3. I'm getting the exact same problem, though I'm running Windows 7, so I don't think it's an operating system problem. Additional notes: 1. The update version being installed is 2. The failed update apparently nuked the old version of Evernote before it hit the install problem. So that means I can't go back. 3. I tried to do a fresh install using the latest installer from the Evernote website and I hit the same error. 4. I tried to "Run as Administrator" the installer, since that's what the error says and that doesn't help. 5. I looked in Add/Remove programs to try to clean out the old version entirely and it's not listed. Help! Scott
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