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  1. Yo también estoy harto de "las mejoras obligatorias" de Evernote. Que "mejoren" lo que quieran pero que nos dejen a los que nos funciona bien, seguir con nuestra versión. Yo cai en la trampa e instalé la nueva versión para windows y muchas cosas que tenía la mía las habían quitado, ¡quitado!. Tuve que desisntalarla e intentar volver a mi versión, pero ya no la encontraba. Puse una llamada Legacy que al ser más nueva que la mia, es un poco bastante peor. No les importan las funcionalidades sino los colorines, el molesto diseño que será muy bonito (para ellos) pero a más colorines menos funcionesl
  2. ehrt74: In the photos attached you can see what I call "full list mode" and the "Note Panel". IN the "full list mode" you can only see 7 notes at a time (which is very little) but if you put the "notes panel", you can see 7/2 notes. Only half of each note. Very bad, useless. I dont need the "note panel". Instead, the list of notebooks looks very good. You can see many on one screen
  3. I think that we dont need a fix of ver 10.5 What we need is an improvement of versions like 6.25 or so and forget the useless software that does nothing but is very eye-catching. Why don't you developers create another application, a game for example, but don't spoil Evernote forever. Perhaps we, all togheter, can pay you for forgeting about 10. version.
  4. Thank you very much, ehrt74. I still think that choosing the notebook directly would be much faster. What do yo think?. Te more I hear about 10.5 the less I like. I tried it for two days and had to unistall it because, (Apart from the terrible graphical user interface where there is hardly any room for data) it was no way to see notes in full list mode without the Note Panel. The notes panel is like google ads that take up half a page and make it dificult to read the notes list.
  5. El modo lista es el único que yo utilizo desde hace ya 10 años. Los demás a mi no me sirven para nada.No se entiende ese interés tan enorme en dar un paso atrás quitando funcionalidades. Se supone que se añaden nuevas funciones, no que se quitan. Yo creo que Evernote debiera olvidarse de la ver 10,5 para siempre.
  6. Let's see if I understand it: "Click on the name of the Notebook and then drag it to the Notebook you want". Why click the name if you have to drag it to your notebook later? Wouldn't it be faster to choose the Notebook directly from the drop-down? And dragging will refer to the Notebooks list in the left panel. Did I get it right?
  7. Once again I recommend completely forgetting version 10.5 with its beautiful (and useless) design and focusing on improving the product from the last previous version. Ver 10.5 is a step back in everything. The less cartoons and nonsense the version has, the faster it will work and the better.
  8. I dont think evernote is improving anything. The are basic things that you taked off in the horrible ver 10.5. For example I cant get rid of the Notes Panel, so I had to unistall the 10.5 versión . I am very anoyed. Good to put new things but never to take them off. The desing is not needed. This is NOT a program for gaming but a funtional program, to use it for work or personal purposes. It is not nice than you take things off.
  9. Ver 10 is very bad. After 11 years of using Evernote as a Premium customer I've never seen such a bad version.Please forget about version 10 or put back the utilities that you have removed
  10. I have been using Evernote for more than 10 years and many paying as Premium. I have recommended Evernote to many people and now I have made the mistake of installing version 10.8. It is a giant step back. By far the worst version of the program of the many that I have tried. The interface is terribly bad. Much design but little utility. The notes panel cannot be removed so the note list only shows half of the text. Notes cannot be dragged onto the labels or notebooks on the left, only one at a time. I don't use Evernote as a decorative painting, but rather for work or for personal purposes. You cannot drag notes to the labels or notebooks on the left. Just one at a time. They have put so much space between the labels or notebooks that only very few are visible. Ect After trying two days I have desistando Ver 10 willing to unsubscribe from Evernote but I have figured out where to get a normal version, not so bad. They call Legacy to one of the older versions. PLEASE DO NOT spoil your prestige with such a bad version full of empty spaces so you can not see very little information at one time. Is very important to put on or off the notes panel. Why do you remove utilities instead of adding them? Why do you remove information from the overviews. If you want I can post printscreens to show what I am talking about. Regards. Gonzalo
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