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  1. Thanks, Allen. I use it successfully on the Onyx Boox Note 2. As far as screen refresh, I can't speak to the Mars but the Onyx Boox Note has had a high-speed low-fidelity mode that even works for mono video. I wouldn't watch much video that way, but it does save packing an extra tablet. The ability to have multiple programs running makes it easy to cut and paste between an e-book volume and Evernote (or Google Docs).

  2. Hmmm. I've never signed up for Beta as far as I know. I see where Google Play offers an option to be a beta tester, but I've never done that for Evernote. I suppose this could be a regional thing. I just looked again and my Play Store is showing 8.2 with no mention of a beta, other than the option at the end of the screen to sign up for it. WHich I haven't done.... If I could gind 8.1 I'd install it, as that was the last working version.

  3. 23 minutes ago, DTLow said:

    You could post a feature request in the forum at https://discussion.evernote.com/forum/304-general-feature-requests/

    This topic is a scanner settings issue from a user.

    Yes; I believe a feature request has been posted regarding this with the topic "unmerge." 

    The op is about scanners, but the question is about splitting notes. That's why I commented.

    I use Evernote on Win 10 and Android.

  4. 13 hours ago, gazumped said:

    Hi.  That's totally outside the scope of a general-purpose notation app like Evernote.  You would be able to do (most of) that with a script or an external application,  but not Evernote.

    I've archived a lot of data into Evernote,  and some I've saved into separate notes where it was convenient to do so.  Some items I've left for more "agile" curation - they're saved as one (very long) note,  which I normally hate - but I know I'll find the content within that note if I ever need it again;  and when/ if I do,  I'll probably copy it from there into its own note. 

    That will be a highlight / cut / paste into a new note job.  It's not worthwhile to spend the time now getting all those notes into some sort of neat and tidy order - there's too much to handle in any reasonable time frame.  So I'll process it over maybe 2-3 years if and when I need it.  If I don't need it within that time,  it's probably no longer relevant anyway!

    Yes, I realize Evernote can't do it. That's why this is a feature request. It seems obvious to me that if you have a feature that merges notes, it would be useful to have a feature to split them.

    I have been using external scripting for this; but it is less than convenient. I have multi megabits of data that I would like to convert to Evernote.

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  5. I still see it as an important feature request: the ability to divide a large (text) note into several smaller notes. I have several archives of material I would love to be able to divide in a computer assisted way, rather than manually (using the block, ctrl-c, ctrl-altv provided above). Ideally this would involve being able to tell Evernote to

    1. Seek a string assigned as a break point

    2. Select all text up to the next instance of the break point string.

    3. Create a new note with the first line after the first break point as its title.

    4. Repeat until complete.

    This would be a great feature for transferring material from my old askSam files!

  6. I deleted my earlier negaitve comment, because I now see how to open the annotate and edit function, which used to be a button command, but which now requires a context menu popup. Not as convenient, but not onerous.

    I've come to enjoy the scrolling window as opposed to the page to page display of the old pdf viewer. I find it easier when reading long document; also makes search hits easier to see in terms of context when I don't have to go page by page but can scroll.

  7. 6 minutes ago, DTLow said:

    Do you have to combine the notes in a single document, or can each be exported as a single file?

    It is possible to export single notes... and I've done that for import to Evernote on a note by note basis; exporting as rtf files to a watched folder... but then the note name becomes the filename (not great) and it is a tedious task when there are thousands of notes. Bit it would be a one step operation for thousands of notes if Evernote had a "divide on delimiter" function -- as askSam does for both import and export.

    Ideally, a function to reverse the "Merge Notes" based on a delimiter is a natural for data management. I'm actually surprised that Evernote had the merge function prior to having a divide function built in -- given that large files are less useful than short ones.

  8. Yes, it is to avoid long notes that this idea came up... not just for importing long files exported from askSam (marked for division in Evernote into individual short files, picking up the note title from the first line of the delimited subsection) but it would be a great way to break down a longer document. For example:

    1. Import long document into Evernote.
    2. Mark where you want to divide this document into smaller notes (using tags as in email forwarding if desired)
    3. Run the proposed "break into smaller notes" function requested here.

    This is much easier than manually creating notes cutting and pasting into Evernote. (And is the opposite of the "Merge Notes" function already present.)

    The boon for moving from askSam is that one can export a single document with delimiters in place (as in the tiled suggested above) and then break it into smaller notes, replicating the original askSam individual "documents" part of a larger "database" -- without the labor of maual cut and paste, or individual export. Picking up note name from the first line would be an ideal option.

  9. For a reference tool not to be able to cross-reference is a serious weakness. When I take notes that refer to protions of other notes, I want to be able to link to the cited portion, not just the whole note. Being able to embed an anchor (similar to the html # format) would be direct and familiar.

    Thanks. (I've voted at the feature request ...)

  10. Just installed new version 6.0. Disappointed to see still no reciprocal of the merge function to allow one to split a note into many notes. My reason for wanting this (and I'm sure I'm not alone!) is my collection of long documents from other info-management sources, that I would love to split into multiple smaller documents.

    For example, using syntax not unlike that in the email forwarder, one could start a newline with "%" followed by the note title, and then with the @notebook and #tag coding.

    This would be a real life- and data-saver, allowing me to rescue tons of data that is sitting in a moribund format. (askSam). It would be much easier to insert these delimiters rather than cut and paste.

    Please consider this as a very useful addition to the already very useful program. Thanks.

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