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  1. Jackolicious -- are you guys going to bring back multiple tag selection and tag highlighting in the left side bar for EN 5 for Mac? This is a MASSIVE disappointment. The new functionality just is not as efficient or intuitive. Having to search by tag takes too long (I don't want to set up saved searches for all combos either), and having to select "tags" and then only be able to see tags in the right hand window instead of being able to see my sidebar, note list, and selected note ALL at the same time is a dealbreaker. I started looking at Springpad and then decided to keep Evernote #1 reason for the multiple tag filter functionality on the sidebar, and planned on upgrading to Premium so i could collaborate on notebooks. You guys made EN more like Springpad and in doing so took away your huge advantage over them. I use TSW/GTD system and if Evernote can't support that well anymore, might as well switch to Springpad now as I can collaborate both ways on notebooks with my boyfriend without having to upgrade.
  2. I completely agree. It works the way it used to in the web app, but not Evernote 5 for Mac. I hope they fix this soon, because now I' going to have to use the web app instead, which isn't as pretty. But it will have to do for now.
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