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  1. Hi! Thanks for sharing your system. One point to note, though, is that your system might work on the iPad once it is set up, but you cannot make modifications to it, because the iPad does not support the creation of note links.One workaround for this is to create a bunch of notes on the desktop, drag them into an "index note" to generate note links, and then put them in a notebook / tag them as "templates." Whenever you need a note to be note linked, just copy it's link from the index note and paste into your project note master list. You can change the name of the link and it will continue to function properly. Of course, you will want to retitle the linked note and move it to the appropriate location. Anyhow, this is one way to (kind of) create new note links on the iPad. Yes, agree. I use the iPad for doing and not planning, so my setup works for me. BTW, your posts on minimal organization helped me a lot with my evernote setup. Thank you!
  2. I am a big fan of Mark Forster and his Final Version. I am using Evernote to execute his FV. Have described my setup below. The advantage is that this setup will work both on the desktop and the iPad. The Setup Create a saved search of all your projects (your notes in Evernote that are projects**) Open a new note and name it "My FV Task List" (for example) Select all your projects (from the list view) and drag them to the "FV task list" note You have now a clickable list of tasks (projects actually) on your FV task list Add any single item tasks (i.e non project items) that you need to do on the fv task list as well. You do not have to create a separate task note for single items.. just add them as a line item on the FV task list note. So, on your FV task list, you have project tasks (which are clickable and take you to the project notes) single items tasks (that are non clickable) The workflow Then Apply/ follow Mark Forster's FV workflow (http://archive.constantcontact.com/fs004/1100358239599/archive/1109511856508.html) . Select the notes that you will work on by putting a check box against them. When you are done (completed the task or had enough of working on the project), tick the check box (I strikethrough them as well) and copy the task/project link (if it is still incomplete) to the bottom of the FV list. Adding New items If a new task (single item) comes to mind, add it to the bottom of the FV task list If a new project needs to be created, create a new project note and copy the project note link to the bottom of the FV task list If the new item (email, work item whatever) is a part of an existing project, open that project and add the item there. Create a shortcut link of your FV Task List on the shortcut bar ** I capture all the project related to-dos and project ref links within the project note. Traditional GTD structure doesn't work for me. I need my project related To-Dos to be surrounded by their project context and much of it comes from the project ref materials and short notes that are there in my project notes. (this article http://speirs.org/blog/2012/9/15/from-omnifocus-to-evernote.html struck a chord with me) Hence all my project related to-dos are within the project. I preface the To-Dos in the project note with _Call, _Waiting etc to make the action items within the project notes quickly searchable.
  3. How about Tools -> Clipping Preferences -> Uncheck "Open clipped note in a new window" Not sure if the outlook clipper makes use of this (similar to with ie?) Perfect! That solved the problem. Thanks a lot!
  4. Is there a shortcut to close multiple windows that are open in Evernote? Use Case: Lets say I transfer 15 emails from Outlook to Evernote using the "send to Evernote" button. This creates 15 notes in Evernote and opens them in 15 child windows. I do not want to work on these notes now and want to close them all in one shot. Using Alt+F4 or Esc closes them one note at a time. Any way to close them all together and only keep the main window open? Thanks
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