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  1. Thanks for the short cut tip. it would still be nice if it could do this when clicking on the new button as well do you know if it's on Evernotes "To do" list yet ?
  2. One thing I really miss that was in the old version and is not (yet) in the new version is the "Pop Up/Pop Out a Window when Creaing a new note" Previously when clicking "new Note" on the Windows version it would pop up a new windows for you to then enter the Title text etc It was great for several reasons: 1 It gives you more room to write the note 2. You can see it in context within the list that its being saved to - ie when you add the title & tags you see it in the list behind 3. It allows you to write it whilst still navigating the main app in the background window : to link to or look up other related notes data for the new note And lastly .. it just feels "more natural" for this to be the behaviour Please an you add this feature back in again - it might sound like a small thing bit to ee it is a BIG feature making Evernote a lot better and user freindly
  3. Hi There are 2 issues with image cropping when adding them to a Note on iPhone 1. If You use the auto capture - when you then want to adjust the cropped area you can't expand it. So say it auto captures a small block of text on a page you can't then expand it out to the whole page of a document you are capturing. 2. If you're the manual setting to take a photo and then change its type to Black & White document it again decides on what it considers is the the relevant captured area and you can't expand what it has decided is the cropped area outwards. In this case I would expect the behaviour to be it selecting the whole picture and the USER has to manually crop it - after all you did choose to manually take the photo rather than put it on auto Rob
  4. Evernote have confirmed this is a software bug that they are aware of https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/requests/3218881
  5. Hi Can you add back in the "Open With" context menu option when right mouse clicking on an attachement (I specifically miss being able to open a jpg with another editor app or open a pdf to edit it with another application & then save it back into the note) thanks Rob
  6. Hi This is something I believe the old version of the Win10 App did but it was very useful When creating a new note can you make it so that the note pops up in a new window (or at least is highlighted within the list of notes in the notebook that the new note is being created in - so we can double click to then pop it up ) Frequently I want to create a note but reference other notes already in the Evernote database - and I want to go looking for it in the main view whilst the editing new note (being popped out) Having the new note appear "in-situ" like it does now is somewhat irritating thanks Rob
  7. It can't be a cache or sync issue, because as already mentioned, you can see the notes if you switch from top list to side bar on the new app - how do I get this raised as a support issue with Evernote?
  8. To illustrate this - here are the screenshots from the New App & the Legacy App You can see the items I've outlined in red are missing from the new Apps view for the same tag "Possible Article" are ordered by Title How do i get this discussion topic to be raised as a bug with Evernote ?
  9. Hi "in the lists" means date columns in the top list view sidebar view etc so date created column at present shows Dec 4 2020 I will check my win10 settings are UK - but I'm pretty sure they are because in the Legacy App running on the same machine the dates are displayed correctly TBH I do wonder why they've released the app there are so many bugs and missing features compared to the Legacy app it's quite frustrating
  10. Hi In the new v10 it seems you can only have 1 date format in the lists - American Mmm dd yyyy Can we please have the option for others - specifically the British date format dd/mm/yyyy and reverse date format yyyy-mm-dd thanks Robert
  11. Yes that's exactly the issue I can have both legacy app and new app open side by side and I can see more notes in the legacy app than the new one if you switch from top list to side list you can then see them but they disappear again when switching back to top list
  12. When selecting a tag in the side-bar not all the notes are being displayed in the Top List View When I compare the list of notes in the legacy app versus the new v10 App I can see that not all the notes are listed in the new app They DO however all appear in the side bar view - so it seems to be a Top List view issue I'm using Windows version 10.4.4
  13. Evernote seem to be saying that ScanSnap will no longer be supported Not sure why see this topic listing features that are no-longer supported : https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/360047889234 I've raised a request to have it added back in here :
  14. Fujitsu ScanSnap integration - whereby you could scan directly into a notebook was a major reason for me using Evernote I don't understand why its been removed and we've been told it won't be added ? Please can you re-consider adding this most useful & valuable of features back in ? Regards Rob
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