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  1. Finally, after 3 weeks and 2 days, my sync has completed. Last time I had an issue with corruption, it was due to Evernote doing some kind of note migration on it's own. Any way for me to prevent any kind of server side update to my account?
  2. AMEN BROTHER!! That's exactly what is going through my head as I watch this syncing progress bar to see if really moves when I'm not looking.
  3. If anyone is interested, I used Fluid to build a full screen web based Evernote app on my Mac. It will have to do until this torture of a sync session completes. Here is the link to Fluid. It is super easy to setup. http://fluidapp.com I have also included a screen shot here: http://d.pr/i/UmsW
  4. I have been a premium Evernote user for 4 years now. I have a huge 21GB size account with a massive 88,000 note library. On average, I add about 60-70 notes to my account daily logging business and personal data. I use Evernote as my external brain and I use it to it's fullest extent. I am at a crossroads whether this should be the service I continue to use. Every time there is an update to Evernote, it does a note migration to the newest version and without fail, there seems to be a corruption along the way. I try to take advantage of support, but support is lacking. There is a bunch of back and forth, try this and that associated with a ticket number. After a number of emails going back and forth, the end result is the same. I would love to talk to an actual person about my problems. The answer is always nuke and pave every trace of Evernote on your computer and resync. I always end up doing this but it turns out to be a long process. I am currently doing so now and am going into my 3rd week of all night sync session. It's 21GB. It's big. But 3 weeks and still not done synchronizing my account? I find myself using a combination of Evernote on the web for management and the "AMAZING" CloudMagic service for fast retrieval of my notes. Evernote for Mac is pretty and when it or if it finally finishes syncing, it will be good until the next corruption. I thought this would be a service I could use for several more years, but the bigger the note library gets, the more of a headache it is to use. These are my questions. 1) Am I taking a risk by relying on the Evernote web services (no local backup) and just saying goodbye to the native Mac app? 2) Is there another application that will allow me to export my notes from Evernote while easily maintaining searchability for reference purposes? 3) Is anyone else concerned that may be investing to much data and time into this service?
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