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  1. Hi there I've just downloaded the version, unzipped and tried running as Administrator - nothing happens I'm afraid. I have the .NET Framework already installed on My Windows 8.1 PC Any ideas ? Thanks John
  2. Hi Attached is screenshot with Note showing three tags Regards John
  3. Sure :-) The records come out in three fields as per attached screenshot, with column three being all the single tags applied to an entry. I have an IFTTT recipe for posting current entries from Diigo to Evernote and that brings over multiple tags. (I do it this way because as mentioned above 'Diigo' has a nice red ribbon to show a page is bookmarked!) Kind Regards John
  4. Awesome! Thanks :-) Just one thing I'm struggling with....My CSV file has multiple tags (exported from Diigo). The App imports all of them as one single tag... Can it be done as multiple tags? Regards John
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