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  1. There has got to be a better way to resolve these conflicts than to just create a duplicate note and place it in a separate notebook. In Google Docs, you can work on a shared document at the same time that other people work with it. Everything changed is seen by all parties in real-time. I do not know what would be involved to implement that in EN, but when a co-worker is working with a conflicted note without realizing it and wondering why no one else can see the changes she has made, EN should take "note". I have setup each of our clients to update at 15 minute intervals instead of the 30 minute default which has helped. It is at best, a work around, not a fix. Here is an option: On the mobile side, this fix might be hard, but on the desktop client, that generally has a 24/7 high speed internet connection, why not send a signal to the client that a shared note is open by someone else (include their name or user id) and at least give us a warning before we change it. EN already puts a little icon in the upper right corner when a note has been changed but not synced. Why not broadcast this information to all the other users if and when they attempt to edit a specific note. I don't know how much of a bandwidth increase this would cause on EN's servers if any but it would at least be a beginning. I guess at this point, I would just like something to tell me that I am about to create a conflict before it happens.
  2. I have search to no avail to find an answer to this question. I am a premium user and am sharing notebooks with my co-workers. I found out yesterday that EN will not let my boss tag a note he created in a shared notebook with a tag that doesn't exist yet. I had to go into the note myself and tag the note. Is this correct? Is there a work around?
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