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  1. I have been a Evernote Premium for several years, I love this great product. But our guys from China has to solve the GFW issues, and we need a independent proxy. As this thread which was created from 2008 that suggested Evernote should add independent proxy configuration, it has been more than 7 years. iCloud Notes from OS X 10.11 is much like Evernote, and I found that we could move notes from Evernote to iCloud notes. I just move more than 2000 notes to iCloud notes and decided not to use Evernote anymore. See you!
  2. +1, users from China can't use Evernote due to the lack of proxy configuration. please add this configuration.
  3. Thanks @JMichael After google for a while, I found many users from China had the same issue: An SSL error has occurred and a secure connection to the server cannot be made. I think the rules changing of GFW is the reason for us. After using a SOCKS5 proxy, I can sync the notes now.
  4. My android version of Evernote works well, but the Mac version got a lot of sync error recent days:( My laptop OS version is 10.11.1 (15B42), Evernote version is 6.2.1 (452715 App Store). I have about 3000 notes and I am a Evernote Premium member.
  5. I tried to post a github pages from evernote, but failed. Any video course to teach us?
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