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  1. Thank you Chris, Can anyone point me to how and what to do with the local database if backed up? My database is close to 5 Gigs and i am thinking of using onenote as a back up to EN. We just cannot go through losing days. Getting live help should not be that hard, when we need it we would be happy to pay for someone to remote in. Its unfortunate that I have to ask on this forum and get better advice when we are paying close to 600.00 yearly for our business account users. Joseph
  2. How unfortunate. If local back ups are still not the answer.. Then does anyone know if their is a way to export a note book to Ms one note?
  3. Great One again thanks for the help.
  4. Hi Chris, Thanks for the reply, do they also have a personal section or just a biz section? We need to own every detail our empolyees put into evernote.
  5. Can I add new employee to our biz account if if they dont have a EN personal account?
  6. As far I understand it, if a excel file is attached to a note I am updating the spreadsheet on my machine and my teammate decides to update the same spreadsheet on his machine at the same time we will have 2 versions and there is no way to lock the spreadsheet if it is being changed by 1 person. Is that correct? Has anyone figured out a genius workaround to that? Thanks in advance
  7. Hi, anjoschu: Thanks for the info BurgersNFries: Thanks for the advise.. I will look at MMC, in fact i think I used to own a copy. I don't have the recipes in excel, actually in a highly customized MS Access database. MMC and all other recipe apps fell short years ago when we needed additional fields added for very detailed searching.. so we created our own. But now with everything on the road I wanted something that would be available to a team and accessed Via the web. Podio.com can do that but will take a long time and i really hate to have the data in 2 places but may not have a choice. Another option may be emailing to Evernote a PDF report per recipe from access. Thanks for all the help.
  8. Hi Mforcer, Thanks for the input. I will look at it to see if it will be usefull to us. the option of EN intergartion sounds intering. Regards
  9. Hi, I assume that the above method will wield notes with attached msword documents. Anyway for EN to create a single note per recipe in bulk? The example is 1000 recipes in a excel spreadsheet, can that be imported yielding 1 note per recipes in bulk without having to do that manually?
  10. Hi Again, I just looked at ACD (burgerNfries recommendation) and it seems like a good option as well as Lightroom. Chris: I will be testing lightroom in January.. one of our main issues is what happens when you change computers or PC crashes etc.. is there a database that remembers all the cataloging you did? We have all data backed up on cloud systems for individual photo recovery. It sounds to me that you may need more than 1 software. Lightroom or ACD to give you the ability to tag and still keep your local folder system. But both of these seem to be all local and need 1 license to manage. Then you can look at Podio.com. You can duplicate the assigned tags in a Podio database and upload each photo where it can be shared, searchable and downloadable. However be careful, when I last checked (February, 2013) the photos and attached docs were not exportable en mass. Meaning that if you have 5000 pictures in a podio database and wanted to move them to another system, you will have to do it 1 by 1. But the data in the database is exportable to excel. You should have a "Master" set at home base. Hope this helps..
  11. Hi, We have the same issue in my company and will be testing Adobe Lightroom in January. See the how to videos on the website about organizing.. They have great tagging ability while keeping the photos in the folder structure that you already have. Not sure if they are web shareable, they may have that because they do offer offsite storage,. Let us know if you find the solution, I am many of us can benefit. Good Luck
  12. Unfortunately I spent 3 weeks testing and trying to get it to work correctly earlier this year, expecting that it to work like EN.. complete failure, in fact we are still paying monthly for the users that I forbid to touch evernote business. BTW, attended a seminar and the ceo pitch was about how the company is transparent and to trust them. are we laughing?? One of the biggest failures is in business is that we do not have the time to write tech support lengthy reports as to why things are not working then wait for a respond next day. I for one is willing to pay hourly when I need instant help if ENB is not working. We are now looking for a alternative and will cancel the ENB and go to premium. Moving forward, any one has alternate option? Sharepoint is more of a monster than i need. I am Considering testing box.com
  13. Hi Paul, Interestingly I am about to test Basecamp and Podio for task management. Project Templates are important to our org. we do about 50 projects yearly with about 250 tasks each. I never thought of EN for project task management since i don't see a way to schedule task by a due dates. (well maybe I can create it in excel, then copy & Paste it ..) If you can share how you will be able to do that i may give it a try. Basecamp has templates with the ability to automatically set due dates from the projects start date. however, we also need a auto due date that works backward from the project completion date and So far basecamp has failed to have that feature. Thanks for your thoughts Joseph
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