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  1. An inferior workaround is to use the LinkedIn "Save to PDF" feature. It won't preserve colors and logos, but at least it's nicely formatted, like an old-fashioned CV/Resume.
  2. I'm a long-time Premium user and, like you, after upgrading a few days ago I'm having the same problem. Help!
  3. JTLYK, after a quick test run, this beta seems to have fixed my formatting troubles. Thanks!
  4. Workaround to 6.11 formatting bug: Looks like the online version works fine. Copy/paste to the web version works like 6.10. Still doesn't display entirely correctly in the Mac client, but it'll do for a workaround for me till 6.11.1
  5. Here's what the original HTML looks like (as viewed in Chrome): But here's how it looks when copy/pasted into Evernote: Until Mac 6.11, the two looked identical.
  6. I have the same problem other users have reported: copy/paste from a web page loses formatting. I can't quite tell if the formatting is *lost* or if it's just showing incorrectly because of a style sheet problem. Please fix!
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