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  1. Thanks I have it working now. I just did not understand the interface, despite having used this for a few years. I really want to express my gratification for your help. DickB
  2. DTLow, thanks for your help. But I am still stuck. Whether I hide or show the Sidebar, I still only have a list of the Notes and the Note Content, but not list of Notebooks that I can drag a note to another Notebook. I have finally figured out how to screen capture my screen and present a small reasonable jpg file to show what I am talking about. I really hope your patience has not run out. Thanks. DickB
  3. Thanks DTLow, Yes I am using a Mac for Evernote. But when I hide the sidebar I only have the List of Notes and the Note content. Thanks DickB
  4. Thank you very much for your quote. I am now using the hyperlink method. If fact I am using whole series of links between Major Subject, Minor Subject and Details. This is the kick I needed. DickB
  5. I can not figure out how to display three columns at the same time. Display a list of Notebooks, List of Notes and a selected notes all at the same time. My current view only shows List of Notes and the note contents. I need a way to dragging a note from one notebook to another notebook. I probably have modified my view of Evernote and can not remember how to go back to the default view. Thanks very much for your help. DickB
  6. I have a main document that is just text named "Overview of Lightroom Workflow". I would like to have an area on the left side of that document, when clicked on would to take me to a new page of "Details of Data Import" I expect to have a number of Detail pages. I would appreciate any ideas on how to link these pages. Dick
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