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  1. I'm glad things worked out for you. It looks like they haven't fixed anything though, since all these discussions were in October and the same thing just happened to me today. I had not used my iPhone in a LONG time. Last time I used it, everything was synced. I'm normally on my iPad now and doing my work there. Today I opened my iPhone (didn't want to whip out an iPad in Target just to jot an idea down) and poof, old stuff from before Christmas. I started a ticket. I hope they help me out too. It kind of makes me think this is their way to get people to pay for Premium service. I have considered Premium but there are too many glitches right now. Maybe once I feel more confident in the service. UPDATE: I put in a ticket. Evernote responded and temporarily made me a Premium user, so I could go into history and retrieve my old note. Problem solved. Thank you! **I think I figured out what my initial problem was... My Evernote setting in my iPhone had been set to "Sync on WiFi only". I must have made some old changes in the iPhone (done while not on WiFi). I may not have realized, later while working from iPad, that the few minor changes were missing. I tend to shut down all unused apps on my phone to save on battery life. Then, I continued to routinely use Evernote from my iPad or desktop. Months later, when I opened Evernote on my iPhone, I switched "Sync on WiFi only" to "off". That's when I had lost everything. The only thing I can think of is that Evernote then decided to go back to the changes I had made, that were not yet synced, from months earlier, and wiping out the newer stuff. If this is truly what happened, then this is obviously an Evernote flaw/issue that needs resolving. Since I have kept 'Sync on WiFi only" turned "off", I have not had any problems. I think Evernote has been auto syncing but just as a precautionary measure, if I'm going to switch devices, I make sure I do a sync with the last device used.
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