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  1. I'm having the same issue with the scanning feature in Evernote iOS. The document scanning seems to be finicky and occasionally works. It seems to flicker and start "capturing" then stops, and repeats. Business card scanning is fine. Scannable seems to actually work, so it must be Evernote's implementation of the feature that's buggy. I'd prefer to not have to switch between apps.
  2. Let's hope so! I just don't know why it's not a high priority, particularly for a tablet!
  3. Exactly!! They even have handwriting/ink input for Android. There is absolutely no technical reason why they can't get that in iOS.
  4. PLEEEAASSEE ADD THIS FEATURE!!! This has been my biggest gripe with Evernote since the iPad apps came out. It's also the reason behind my constant love/hate relationship with Evernote. How does something as simple and crucial as adding handwriting or drawing into note get overlooked? You would think that after acquiring all that talent from Skitch and Penultimate, they would have figured out a way by now. Why would I only want to be able to type when I have a tablet? I could do that much better with a laptop. The whole point is to have mixed media. I want to be able to type AND draw in my notes WITHOUT having to switch or sync through multiple apps. Instead, they're wasting their time with moleskin notebooks that require you to take pictures of your handwritten pages with sticker tags... Take a cue from Notability, arguably the most feature complete iPad note taking app. The only reason I still use Evernote is the 2-way syncing, and they still can't manage to get that right on Penultimate. This is the sole reason I refuse to pay for the premium version. I really hope they add this critical feature on the iPad (which one of the posters mentioned is already on the windows version). Ok.. End rant...
  5. I'm not sure why no one's mentioned this, but Penultimate DESPERATELY NEEDS true Evernote syncing. The manual exporting/overwriting is just not cutting it. They're able to do it in Skitch, so I see no reason why it's still not in Penultimate (particularly considering that Penultimate was acquired >6 months ago!)
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