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  1. A while ago, the Evernote for Mac annotation tool switched from the normal sans-serif font (Helvetica, maybe?) to a fixed-width font that is not as readable. This is a guess, and I'm not sure it was the cause--but I think the font changed a few weeks ago when I inserted an emoji into a text annotation on my mac. Is there a way to revert the font back to the default font? I am guessing that my only recourse is to fully uninstall and reinstall due to corruption in an underlying set of configurations that have no user interface.
  2. I've struggled with and kinda ignored this problem for a while now. I just tried @aeldron's workaround and confirmed that doing a select all, cut, paste corrects the problem. Thanks for the tip.
  3. I have been seeing slowness (Evernote 6.0.7) while editing notes for a while (2-3 months maybe?) I couldn't tell you when it started, but I typically update Evernote as soon as a new GA comes out. The symptoms are most severe when I have a large note open for a long time, creating a lot of content or making a lot of edits. A few weeks ago I was using Evernote to prepare a speech. The note was around 42KB (25,000+ characters) and was just text + formatting (highlights, bold, size changes, hyperlinks, etc.). I reached a point where the performance problems began to impede my progress. For example, copying a block of text took several seconds to complete. I would be typing a sentence and I would have to pause to wait for the text to appear (I'm a fast typist but not that fast!). I almost moved my stuff to Pages to get my work done, but decided to re-start Evernote first. Restarting Evernote seemed to solve the problem for a while. After more editing (say, 15 minutes or so of nearly constant typing and/or reformatting?) the slowness returns, but I am able to remedy it by performing an EN restart again. I have seen similar (but less dramatic) performance issues when editing smaller notes, but there seems to be relationship between the amount of content and the slowness problems. For example, I just restarted EN because a 5k (3600+ word) note was starting to get sluggish. I'd classify this as an annoyance for me, but not a deal-breaker. Most of the time I'm working with small notes and see no performance problems. Environment details: Mid-2013 Macbook Air 1.7 GHz Intel Core i7 8GB RAM OS X Yosemite 10.10.2 Evernote 6.0.7
  4. I'm struggling with the same issue. Adding a "From:" field in the "Email Note" window would add a lot of convenience (I use the Windows client). It should default to your account's email. It would be great if that field was a drop-down box containing the last , say, 5 unique email addresses used with that windows client as well. Then you could pick from a short list of addresses you use. Now, if that "From:" field remembered my last setting (only on a client-by-client basis, this stuff would not sync to my central account), I could easily use my home PC or personal devices to send personal notes from my personal address, and I could use my work devices to send notes from my work address. This would be a really great way to streamline workflows when people use the same Evernote account in different social/business contexts.
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