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  1. I had a Geocities (remember them?) journal dating back to July 10, 1998. I was able to recover about half of the entries (yes, they are still out on the web even though the site shut down) and now I am trying to make a single repository for all of the journal entries I have from 16 years. I downloaded the free Journal App for iphone, and saw that it created a stack called "My Journal" with a notebook called 2013 where it placed new entries. So I went ahead and created 15 more notebooks in the "My Journal" Stack - 1998,1999,2000 etc. I started copying the old entry... going to the appropriate year creating a new note and pasting the contents. Then I titled the entries with a date - "04/10/1998 - Happy Birthday" Since all of my notes have the same creation date... the title allows me to 'sort by title' to get all the old entries back into chronological Order. Has anyone else dealt with this challenge? How did you cope?
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