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  1. I agree with OP. I have really embraced the new tie up with 3m for Post-its. I love managing to-dos with post its, and can now scan into evernote. It would be so great if the card view displayed the full post it - both are square so its a superb match. As EN knows which notes are post-its, and we know a post it is always 1:1 ratio, maybe EN client could be enhanced to display full post it in cards view?
  2. Apologies to continue the OT posts: So the root cause is tidy up activities by the mods, and out of date/stale search index? Update: thanks for the link to the other accusation of censorship - shame this was not the 1st hit on my search
  3. Thanks for merging. As mentioned I did search before posting and every link returned was dead - hence my (mistaken) conclusion of shenanigans. Example links that were returned by both google search, and forum search: http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/31878-2-step-two-factor-authentication-verification-needed-asap/ http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/22013-2-step-verification/ http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/24995-security-two-factor-authentication-please/page-2 etc
  4. Dear Evernote, In light of the recent security alert, please reward your premium (paying) subscribers with 2-step authentication security (e.g. via google authenticator) and allow for encrypted notes/notebooks. I searched for 2 step authentication via google and on these forums and found lots of dead links to topics regarding 2 step auth... is someone deleting posts relating to authentication? This is certainly a development that is needed. 2 step is being adopted by other cloud services e.g. dropbox (which has google 2 step support) + boxcrypt; and lastpass which also has a plethora of permitted 2 step auth schemes... Come on evernote - step up to it! Many thanks for listening to my request. EDIT BY MODERATOR: Merged with an existing thread. Please do not start new threads on topics already being discussed.
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