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  1. No barcode scanning feature? Then forget Evernote.

  2. Springpad may be going away, but I will continue to not use Evernote because it does not have a barcode scanning feature. I actually stopped using Springpad awhile ago and switched to Google Keep. While Google Keep does not have a barcode scanning feature, Google Goggles works as a barcode scanner and pulls up much of the same relevant information that Springpad would pull up, such as a link to the Google Books page for a particular book. I can then easily save that page to Google Keep. It's not as nice a solution as Springpad, but it will do since Evernote simply does not care about this feature or the number of users who are asking for it and who would benefit from it.
  3. Sorry for resurrecting an old thread, but I was about to switch to Evernote from Springpad, but the lack of barcode scanning is keeping me from doing so. You may not think it's helpful, but I do. Here's why: Earlier today, I was out browsing at Barnes & Noble. While browsing, I often take note of books I'm interesting in possibly reading later. I've done this with my smartphones for years. I wanted to add some more books to my list, so I opened Evernote. It appeared that my options were to create a new note and type out the title and author of the book into the note or I could take a picture of the cover and add that as a note. With Springpad, I have the option to scan the barcode. After scanning the barcode, Springpad creates a note that contains a picture of the cover, the title and author of the book, a summary of the book, publication date, price, a link to reviews on goodreads, and a link to Amazon for more information or to purchase. I can then add the note to the notebook entitled "Books to Read." That's so much information easily gathered for me so that I can learn more about the book later when I'm at home at my desktop. So what do you think I did? Duh. Of course, I used Springpad. Creating notes like that is easy and effortless.
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