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  1. Gazumped, as I understand the problem report, server-side OCR SHOULD be done and COULD be done but IS NOT being done (again, emphasis not shouting). It's possible I'm misunderstanding the report. And it's possible the report is wrong, though there are several such reports. The only way to find out is to give it a try, which I will do when I have some spare cycles. Again, thanks for pointing out the solution. Even if it doesn't yet work it may work sooner rather than later. But, this was all advertised as working two years ago when I bought the scanner. And that was clearly a truth stretch. Joh
  2. Gazumped, I appreciate your effort on my behalf. But you've really got to adopt a more skeptical attitude toward these hyped up announcements by Fujitsu and Evernote. Yes, it does appear that SnapScan Cloud can scan docs directly into Evernote without a PC and possibly even without a mobile device. So what's not to like, right? One word, three letters: OCR. When you upload a doc via SnapScan Cloud nothing on the local side performs OCR and the way SnapScan Cloud was designed, nothing on the cloud side performs OCR either. So, OCR doesn't get done. OCR, who needs it, right? Well, we pretty
  3. Thanks for your reply but I don't think you've investigated thoroughly enough. The second paragraph at the link you offered says, "Before you start, make sure that the scanner is connected to the computer via USB. . . ." This approach necessitates use of a PC, which is specifically what I want to avoid. The write-up makes it look like the PC is used only for configuration. But that's not what I've found, time after time. As another example, the Evernote page that talks about wireless scanning directly into Evernote says, "You can pair the scanner with one computer at a time or connect ot
  4. I read that the Snapscan ix500 (NOT the special Evernote edition) lets you scan directly into Evernote without using a PC or a tablet. A year or so ago I tried and failed to figure out how to do this. Can someone point me to instructions? If, contrary to what I read, you must have a tablet or PC in order to scan directly to Evernote, what iPad application should I use to scan to Evernote as conveniently as possible? I want to set this up for use by my wife, who's not highly skilled in using PCs or tablets. Finally, if I had 20-20 hindsight, would buying some other scanner have allow
  5. I had trouble posting my reply. The all-wise forum software supposes that my message, which includes no attachment and no URLs, is suspected of containing spam. Really, this is too much. How could anyone present unwelcome commercial e-mail without any attachment or even one link to click? And what am I supposed to do in order that my message might look less like suspected spam? After my troubles with TFA my respect for Evernote is waning today. . . . tfa.txt
  6. I see. Thanks so much for the information! I really wish that I'd understood the difference between the plain old ix500 and the SSEE before buying the ix500. It seems that I really need the SSEE. But, having paid for an ix500 there's no way I can justify the additional cost of an SSEE. And although the ix500 hasn't scanned as many as 50 pages I'd take a major hit trying to sell it as used equipment. In my use case I don't have a PC mated with the scanner, just an iPad. Initiating a scan to Evernote using only an iPad appears not to be possible using the plain old ix500. At least, I haven't
  7. Using my iPhone, SnapScan can find, and trigger a scan on, my iX500 using WiFi (USB disconnected). However, Scannable times out looking for the scanner, though I can see that it's scanning the correct WiFi network. Can someone suggest a troubleshooting procedure, please? I can't find any settable options so I'm at a loss how to proceed. Thanks! Cheers,
  8. Yes, this lack of functionality is long standing. And, I don't know of a convenient workaround when an EN note includes a PDF attachment for which the user wants to print only selected pages. I typically spend several minutes fussing over a single note when I run into this situation. I can't understand why it would be all that difficult to implement the functionality necessary to render only selected pages. I suspect the issue has simply been overlooked in the context of other, apparently more useful or important improvements. I wish the EN team would take a second look at this and bump the pr
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