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  1. I agree with Martinonymous: "I would like to use Scannable to scan and upload many individual invoices and statements, but as it stands today you have to save each scan in Evernote individually — a tedious and time-wasting proposition." We need this workflow in scannable: scan a bunch of different single or multi-page docs at once check-select the page(s) comprising an individual doc select pdf or png name the doc save to EN or elsewhere rinse and repeat for remaining docs
  2. JB: I'm also experiencing degraded image resolution using the Clipper in Screenshot mode. Mac OS 10.11.4, Chrome (49.0.2623.112 (64-bit), EN Build 6.8 (f50be2d/
  3. I installed that build Ver and it worked fine for one session but Clipper wouldn't activate after a reboot. I've now switched over to Chrome and find that Clipper working delightfully. Will be happy to test future Safari Clipper builds.
  4. Great--can't wait for that release! Any visibility of when? We really appreciate your involvement with the EN user community, Ruben
  5. OS 10.11.3 | Safari 9.0.3 | Clipper 6.7.1 For at least the past year, I've had continuous, daily issues with the Safari Clipper desktop extension crashing. Using various un-replicable permutations of un-instail/re-install/restart Safari/cold shutdowns/etc. I could often get Clipper to work temporariy but all is lost after shutdown and, on reboot, I'm invariably faced with a dead elephant in the menu bar. Lately, I can't even get Ciipper up for a session--just an endless hang of the Evernote spinning dot, delay icon. In reviewing this forum, I see this Safari-related issue has been pe
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