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  1. I for one would find that useful as it enriches all business cards that I scan in with information that costs me much time to acquire otherwise. But... I can't find out how to use this function. Anyone from Evernote care to elaborate? I'm using the Scansnap software to scan to (an OCR-ed) PDF automatically and place it in a folder that evernote auto-imports. Nothing shows though...
  2. Also getting the fatal error message "Bootstrapper.cpp:886 )x64" when installing this. Windows 7 64bit dutch Outlook 2010 64bit dutch
  3. Hi, thanks for your warm welcome here. Doing OCR in Acrobat would suffice in terms of functionality (Acrobat does Dutch OCR without a problem), but it would severely break the automated workflow in which my documents go into evernote (Press scan button, give a file name and choose a "watched folder", done all within one window). I've already put the Evernote language to the correct one, so recognition is better, but that doesn't solve the inline searching of PDF's. As for extracting text and putting that in Evernote, I want to keep the document as original as possible including images etc. since eg. the tax authority requires "original" invoices. By the way, I found I can lessen the pain a bit by not choosing the "scan to folder" option, but the "scan to searchable PDF" option - which feeds the scan through Abbyy Finereader (which indeed seems to do Dutch OCR as well). This results in an OCRed file on my drive which I then manually need to drop in one of the dedicated folders which are being watched by Evernote (I have a folder for administration, work, receipts and business cards - evernote puts them in their respective notebooks automatically). Two drawbacks to this: 1. an extra manual step to move the files. If I tell Abbyy Finereader to directly put it in the right directory, it first makes the scanned PDF (which evernote then auto-imports), then it does its OCR and saves a new file with "OCR" at the end (which Evernote also auto-imports). Then it deletes the first file (if I chose that option), but that doesn't matter anymore since Evernote already imported it. So: need to save outside of the watched folders and manually drag&drop them after OCR has been applied. 2. The "save to folder" window of the scansnap manager has a nice preview with zoom control, which I use to see eg. what date the document is (so I can put in the correct filename). This is missing from the Abbyy solution. Now I know that these things aren't about the Evernote application, but truth is that if Evernote's OCR would work "out of the box" for my language, this whole process would be much faster and more convenient.
  4. I too am surprised by the fact that the premium account doesn't fulfill expectations, while there is so much potential. Using the scansnap s1500, my document workflow has become way easier than it was, but I scan everything into evernote with the same intention to one time be able to find it back. Everything I scan is in PDF, and the results of some random searches in evernote are disappointing. Most of the time, it produces results (but not all of them), but then I still don't know where to look. This evening I tried to compare health insurance policies from different vendors, but I gave up since searching within the 20 paged PDF was impossible. Now, I could use the OCR of the scansnap software, but unfortunately the primary language of all of my scanned documents is Dutch (as am I), and that doesn't seem to be supported in the software. So, useless option for me. Can Evernote maybe give more insight into when this bug / feature will be available?
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