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  1. I found the problem – Notebooks containing "/" crash the script. If someone else has problems: log the notebook that is currently processed:
  2. @DTLow: thanks for the script! I tried to run it from Script Editor and Evernote gets activated, then the script quits with "The operation couldn’t be completed. No such file or directory". Yes, I did change the path to exactly what Terminal / pwd displays: set fileBackupenex to "/Users/markus/Desktop/@Evernote/Evernote_Backup/Notebook-" & notebookName & ".enex" Markuss-MacBook-Pro:Desktop markus$ pwd /Users/markus/Desktop I also have gzip: Markuss-MacBook-Pro:bin markus$ /usr/bin/gzip gzip: standard output is a terminal -- ignoring Any hints what to check for?
  3. I experience an issue with the CaptureOnTouch software on Mac OS X: on scanning using the "Scan First" option, there is a window where scans can be rotated and more scans can be added. On the top, all pages are displayed as a miniatur-preview and those can be re-ordered and removed. Great, if there is multi-feed problem and one can scan this page again and move it to the correct position. On the other hand, CaptureOnTouch offers predefined jobs, such as Scan to Evernote. This is a great thing to speed up processing. Sadly, if I select those jobs, the page to rotate and add scans ist displayed again, the functions are available, however, the re-ordering of pages or removing of individual pages in the mini-previes on top is not available. I would deeply appreciate any advice
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