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  1. I found the problem – Notebooks containing "/" crash the script. If someone else has problems: log the notebook that is currently processed:
  2. @DTLow: thanks for the script! I tried to run it from Script Editor and Evernote gets activated, then the script quits with "The operation couldn’t be completed. No such file or directory". Yes, I did change the path to exactly what Terminal / pwd displays: set fileBackupenex to "/Users/markus/Desktop/@Evernote/Evernote_Backup/Notebook-" & notebookName & ".enex" Markuss-MacBook-Pro:Desktop markus$ pwd /Users/markus/Desktop I also have gzip: Markuss-MacBook-Pro:bin markus$ /usr/bin/gzip gzip: standard output is a terminal -- ignoring Any hints what to check for?
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