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  1. We as a company are now done with Evernote. I'm canceling all subscriptions and moving everyone to OneNote. After using OneNote for the last month I can say with all confidence that we won't miss Evernote. It will take about 1/2 day training for everyone to get up to speed but that's a small price to pay to give them something they can actually use.
  2. Submitted a support ticket a few days ago. As a premium user AND a business user we pay some decent money every month to Evernote. So now we invest in new high DPI hardware for our people and find that Evernote, (our most used collaboration tool btw) is useless on a PC. So much for efficiency........ Hard to believe that something so simple is taking so long.
  3. I'm packing my Jot Script up for return right now. I use multiple devices every day including the iPad Air and Galaxy Note 10.1. The Jot solution is horrific in comparison to the Galaxy Note, completely unacceptable, especially for $75!
  4. If you want an AWESOME app to ink with Evernote try Lecture Notes. It allows for layers, importing PDF's and exporting single pages to Evernote. For you Samsung Note users it also completely supports the S-Pen. If Penultimate for Android is anything like the iOS version every inked note goes into Evernote. I prefer Lecture notes because I can send over only the pages that I want. I want to see Penultimate for Android as well but Lecture Notes has set a very high bar for inking applications. Give it a try, you won't be disappointed.
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