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  1. I am trying to export a local notebook. It all goes well but after the export procedure seems to have processed all the notes in the notebook I get the following message: "The file “content.enml” couldn’t be opened because there is no such file." I can find no way to solve or remove this problem. Eventually, after not getting anything useful from Evernote, I tried exporting the local notebooks one at a time and found that the problem was with only one notebook with a large number of notes. I went through that notebook selecting 250 notes at a time and exporting them until I got the same problem as I reported above. By gradually breaking that batch down into ever smaller batches I was able to isolate a note causing the problem. It was an empty note with the title Screenshot. When I deleted that note the batch exported without problem. So I searched through the remaining notes in the notebook for similarly titled notes and found about a dozen. Deleted them all and the problem went away. I’m not sure what produces empty notes with the Screenshot title, but I suspect it is one of the screen clipping options in the dropdown menu for the elephant symbol in the top bar. The fact that it was only notes in that one notebook (titled !_InBox) where things directed to Evernote are saved makes me think that this has arisen from a program update issue at some stage. This notebook had 800+ notes in it and I haven’t sorted them into the relevant folders for a very long time, so (given that I’ve now deleted those notes) it isn’t possible to identify the time period (and hence the Evernote version) in which they were produced. So, if you have this problem look for notes with the title Screenshot and delete them if they are empty. Dataminer
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