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  1. Thanks guys, I actually figured this out at like 11pm last night. I just came back to tell everyone... So on iphone, go to the notebook first, then you can add a note directly.
  2. Ok uploaded a screenshot - definately a missing feature with the iOS version then (which is a problem because all the executives have iphones..........)
  3. Ok maybe I'm completely missing it, but on iOS (iphone 4S if it matters), there is no "+" when inside the business notes section? There is a "+" when in the Personal Notes. When clicking the create note, going into the options and changing the notebook selection, there are none of the business notebooks. The problem we have is the ability to quickly put a note in the business section. Putting all the notes in the personal section then having the users move them to business is not an option.
  4. We're exploring Evernote Business for our Organization. Corporate wants all notes entered to go directly to a business notebook instead of personal. So that in the event of the loss of an employee, we can recover all of the information. Looks to me like there isn't a way to set the default location where the note is created? Especially on the mobile devices (iphone). Creating a new note on the iphone goes direclty to the personal area. Then the user would have to copy the note to the Business notebook.
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