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  1. @Slagscan you please elaborate? The .dmg from Evernote.com/scansnap contains an installer package that fails if you double click on it and agree to the terms. What exactly did you double-click that worked?
  2. I' ve tried to install ScanSnap Evernote Edition on a new iMac Pro and it still fails. When can we expect the update? It's been half a year already!
  3. This request reminds me another one, about tags in shared notes. There are multi-year threads going on without resolution. It basically means that Evernote architecture doesn't easily allow this, and legacy code became unmaintainable. I'd like for a VP of Engineering to come here and explain why they can't implement this feature for so many years. It can also inform technically-minded investors about the state of product and engineering.
  4. Jeff, your reply is really disappointing for three reasons. 1. Lack of shared tags features is not a design decision -- it is a limitation of an implementation from many years ago. The amount of requests would mean, in most other companies, that resources would be allocated and work done to address what customers want. None of that was reported. 2. An occasional "hey" is not how shared social systems engineered well operate. Facebook and Twitter do not rely on a "hey" channel, nor does Amazon or Google. 3. If you bill yourself as an "evangelist", your first duty is to the custome
  5. I'd like Phil to personally attend to this thread. Clearly the engineering was saying for years that tagging architecture is deficient, and creating tag contexts, required for safe tag sharing, is all but impossible. It would be great to understand whether that's still the case and whether product and engineering folks are communicating with the business users and Evernote management clearly about this feature.
  6. The fact that it takes Evernote ever so long to do anything about a key semantic feature like this, while rolling out numerous UI polishings, shows a serious gap in communication channels from the forums to the management, or in engineering. Guys, own up and provide a detailed answer! With ETAs, preferably. A Q4 2014 is a valid answer; silence is not. (Although, as @DEVOPS_BORAT used to say, Q4 means "never".) Is it getting on the roadmap? Are you becoming a collaborative tool ever or do we have to switch for that purpose?
  7. Please add me for an order of Extra Large Creatable Tags in a Shared Notebook. This must in fact be a configurable feature. In addition, the second checkbox must read, "Create tags in the original tag space of the owner" -- by default have the namespace for tags be a new one. I'm sure Sergei Pachikov would approve! Heck I'll ask him.
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