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  1. I'd also be happy to see this implemented, even more so they'd give it a keyboard shortcut
  2. Would personally find this feature immensely useful, +1
  3. I know its possible to copy a note via right clicking and selecting the notebook, but this looks needlessly complicated to me, would it be possible to implement copying via ctrl+dragging a note? it would greatly simplify the process in my opinion, to me it's important as it is part of my homebrew solution to the RTL issues im facing with evernote (if you're interested, i've found a patchwork solution that works perfectly for RTL with everything including bullets properly alligned, nothing too complicated and it can be found here, it involves making a template and thats the reason for my extensive use of the copy feature) Thanks in advance
  4. Not a vey good option for two reasons: 1) why complicate things? pasting, even if it is to skitch and not Evernote is alot easier than having to browse for and add an image file. 2)for some images, particularity small ones this is not feasible as you would have to either zoom in and take a screenshot, this distorting the image, or take a screenshot of the entire page its on, and then edit I the image and cut it, which is just silly
  5. hey, ive been using evernote to take class notes and summarize texts ive been reading, and have run into one specific problem repeatedly. i often work need to insert images from other documents (NOT image files) into the notes im writing, however, neither evernote nor skitch on android offer any simple way to paste an image that has been cut from another document into them, this is a series setback for me. on a side note, having RTL writing support on one of the upcoming versions would also be a big plus as it would allow me to create hiererchies within the text using bullets that are properly alligned....
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