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  1. Thanks partner. The task specifically is that you have to first click on the icon NOTEBOOKS. Then you can manage the stacks and renaming functionality there. You cannot, however, do this on the notebook list on the left pane of the Mac version. I didn't try selecting the Notebooks icon as an option and then . Thanks for the help and resolving my suggestion.
  2. There seems to be a large number of simple features that are not cross platform capable. For instance, to create a stack on my MacBook Pro, I have to go to the web Evernote site and create the stack there and then sync my Mac. Another example, I can't rename a stack on my MacBook. So I head to the website to rename the stack and re-sync the ole MacBook Pro. I realize the functionality is pretty basic headaches, but it seems that the basic functionality should be consitent across different platforms (non mobile OS at least). Currently when I have the MacBook Pro En open, I also log into the site in case I need to do some workarounds on organization of notes, notebooks and stacks.
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