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  1. Thanks for the advice, In response to grumpy monkey. I wish to use evernote as a notebook to record my research data. Some of that data is procedural, some graphical, some websites, some pdfs, some microsoft office docs and some codes. I am content with excel files and the like being viewed as attachments in evernote, however, I would like evernote to both store my .m files the way they are (in the appdata folder) so that when myself or others redownload them they do not have to convert them back to .m files. However, I would like the text to show up as it does in the note and pdf cases, that is, in searchable format in the evernote program. In response to jefito, the open with menu has already designated .m files so that they are being treated by windows as text documents. Best, AJ
  2. Hello, I am new to Evernote and was trying to add a text document to a new note. When I did this the text document was interpreted as an attachment. The file type is .m however it opens just fine in notepad and is only that format for use with MATLAB. Is there any way to adjust Evernote's settings so that it interprets .m files as text files and opens them in the window within the program for search purposes. Ideally I would like to retain the documents current file extension. Thanks in advance for the advice Best, AJ
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