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  1. Using v 10.5.7 build 2171 public on the Mac

    The only option on ellipses i see is to add to shortcuts. I see the option in the web interface, so perhaps someone will return it to the desktop app soon.

    Wait, no -- there are some that come up with the option to delete. Some JUST come up with add to shortcuts.  (Not only that but another workflow for adding a bunch of tags at once has been removed. ARGH.)

  2. i am having a similar issue: attempting to sync on my Android phone(galaxy note 9 Model# SM-N960UZPAATT) produces a "failed to copy source uri to temporary file" error. New notes from phone remain on phone. Notes Notes updated on laptop sync to phone. Some notes updated on phone (with word "test") do sync back to cloud, but notes where i have added photos, for example, do not sync back. have 89 GB available on phone storage.

    The following did not help:

    * Emptied trash
    * went into Evernote Settings | seach and storage, and then cleared the cache.
    * Restarted android phone (galaxy note 9 Model# SM-N960UZPAATT)

    I've opened Ticket# 3034109 ; I'll update when resolved.


  3. Freemind may not be as glossy as all the commercial tools, but once you make a mind map, you can attach the file to a note and then edit it from the note. As an opensource tool, it often acts as an exchange format. Thus, you may find your glossy presentation styler can import freemind format mindmaps. 

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